Duncan Craig

Duncan Craig is a leading Midlands-based licensing lawyer with an extensive background in the licensed trade.

He is highly experienced in the field of licensing law and lease disputes with a long-standing track record of success for his clients.

For 20 years Duncan worked for breweries, pub companies and ran his own group of pubs, bars and restaurants in Nottingham. In 2009 he decided to become a barrister and use the industry knowledge he had built up over two decades to practise in the field of licensing law.

Duncan Craig
Duncan Craig

He is now one of the most frequently instructed licensing lawyers in the country and takes most of his instructions directly from the trade and licence holders throughout England and Wales, as well as through the more conventional route via solicitors.

Duncan is Head of Licensing at Citadel Chambers in Birmingham, which has a long-standing reputation in the field of licensing law.

Temporary Event Notices

Find out when you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice, how you go about it and how you can get these completed for free.

Duncan Craig

Duncan Craig7:07Min

Applications for premises licences

Find out how to apply for a premises licence and how to make the application more likely to succeed. 

Duncan Craig4:12Min

Expedited Reviews of Premises Licences

Expedited reviews are stressful for any licence holder; find out how to try and deal with them here.

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Prosecutions under the Licensing Act

There are several ways to be prosecuted under the Licensing Act 2003; find out about the most common forms of prosecution here.